Pre-populated Rotary Foundation Contribution Page

Instructions to create a Rotary Foundation Contribution Form with Club Member names and ID numbers already printed.

When wishing to make a contribution for several members of your club at one time, use a pre-populated Contribution Form.

To save some time and effort - it is possible to generate a pre-populated contribution form with the names and RI identification numbers already completed.
This saves a lot of time looking up the ID numbers and is always readable.
The form can be generated for a club only by a member of that club, usually the club Secretary or Executive Secretary.
Because the generated form is specific to your club, it must be prepared by a member of your club.
The form is not easy to find on the Rotary International website, so follow the instructions on the right -
Go to, login with email address and password.
Hover mouse over ‘Manage’, go to Club Administration, click.
Scroll down to Club Giving and subheading ‘Online’
Click on ‘Multiple Donor Form’
Select Multiple Donor Form – generate pre-populated Form, click.
Be aware that ‘Select all’ includes honorary members, so probably do not use.
Select the Active members individually.
Click on ‘Generate form for chosen donors’.
Click on ‘Click here to view report’
The form will have the members names and RI ID numbers already inserted.
You can then either Print the form or download and save the form to your computer and then print.
Just write the amount for each member beside the name.
Complete other details on the form.
Make payment payable to Australian Rotary Foundation Trust, taxation receipts will be sent to each member.
Download Instructions
The instructions may be downloaded and printed -