Rotarians,  with the imminent requirement for RAWCS DIK to Vacate the premises we currently occupy at Durack by the end of June – we must ask you all NOT TO SEND further goods to Brisbane until further notice.
The only exception to this is books,  which are used as packing and space fillers in containers.  Birthing kits also can continue to come in.  Definitely no school furniture, or hospital beds or other equipment until further notice.     
If your Club or individual Rotarians can come to Packing Days on May 5, or June 2 – many hands will be needed.  Extra packing days may be announced as the date for moving gets closer.
The Special Notice attached outlines what RAWCS Northern needs  - if you have any ideas or political connections that may lead to new premises for us  - please pick up the phone and call Col Laurenson 0412 142 895  - time is running out.  
Bren Milsom