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Rotary's public image is shaped by the actions of each of its members, as well as by its involvement in the cimmunity, its presence on the web and social media, and the publications it produces.
Our Image Matters
It is important that we tell our story in ways that help people everywhere understand what Rotary does, how we are different, and why our work matters.  By using our unique voice consistently in all our messaging, we can ensure that our communications reflect our distinct character.
If we speak, write, and design in one voice, our communications will sound, read, and look unmistakably like Rotary.  This will give our audiences a better understanding of who we are.  Together, we can show the world that we are people of action.

Rotary as a Brand

A brand is more than a logo (though more on that below). It’s a perception: it’s how others think about us, not just how we see ourselves.
When we talk about the Rotary brand, we’re talking about the basic qualities and goals that unite all Rotary clubs and districts — it’s what we offer people who partner with us, join a club, or participate in our programs and projects.  Our brand reflects our identity, our vision, and our essence, as well as our values.  It represents our unique culture and our approach to creating lasting, positive change.
Compelling and consistent brand communications - together with a great experience - can strengthen our brand and help us engage and attract more members, donors and partners.
All clubs are encouraged to assign at least one person to review and manage their club's public image.  Public image should be part of every conversation in your club - from the projects you do, to how you go about your meetings.  In essence, we all need to answer one fundamental question - how would the public perceive what we are doing and does this fit the image of Rotary as People of Action?
Rotary has some fantastic resources on the Rotary Brand Centre and their are also some great resources and guides that can be accessed via the links below.

Rotary Logos

Yes, our brand is more than a logo BUT it is still vitally important that correct Rotary logos are used in all materials produced by your club.  See the resources links below to access the correct logos for your club.
WHY does it matter?  Let's use McDonald's as an example.
The "golden arches" are instantly recognisable.  People know exactly what they are going to get when they stop at a venue with this symbol - it encourages brand loyalty regardless of the location of the restaurant.  Now imagine the same restaurant with either no branding or a variation on the standard.  Not only will that restaurant no longer be instantly recognisable but it also will not engender the same brand loyalty built up by the thousands of other outlets who do use the consistent brand identity.  In short, people who are loyal to the McDonald's brand are highly unlikely to stop and eat there.
It is the same with Rotary.  Rotary has a strong reputation around the world but, unless we correctly identify our clubs and ourselves as Rotary we lose the opportunity to both benefit from, and contribute to, that reputation.


There are a number of resources available (click on the heading to access) to clubs to assist them with their public image needs -


  1. Guides & Reference Documents (Rotary's Voice & Visual Guidelines, Club Logo Guide, Social Media Posting Guide and Public Image presentation from 2021/22 Assembly Training)
  2. Rotary Club Logos (contains versions of the club logos for each club.  The Club Logo Guide has more information on how to use the various colours)
  3. Satellite Club Logos (contains versions of the club logos for each club.  The Club Logo Guide has more information on how to use the various colours)
  4. Rotaract Club Logos (contains versions of the club logos for each club.  The Club Logo Guide has more information on how to use the various colours).
  5. District 9640 Logos (standard versions of logos for our District)
  6. Rotary Logos (standard versions of logos for Rotary)
  7. Interact Logos (standard versions of logos for Interact)
  8. Presidential Themes (various graphics for the current and prior year Presidential Theme)
  9. People of Action (a guide, logos and various sized standard images from the Rotary People of Action campaign that can be used on websites, social media etc)
  10. Club e-Banners (slide show version of generic District version of club banners)
  11. Rotary 100 Years in ANZ (logos for our centenary plus an R100 video)


  • Templates (templates for creating advertisements, brochures, letterheads etc)
  • Guidelines
  • Logos (including logo creators - remember, most of what you need is already in DropBox)
  • Graphic Libraries (various sized standard images that can be used on websites, social media etc)


  • Part of our Club Officer series this presentation can be used as a training resource for individuals or as a presentation to club members.


  • Choose Public Image under Categories in the Rotary Learning Centre (you may also want to use the Filter function to select your language choice) to find courses covering a range of public image topics (Building Rotary's Public Image, Club Public Image Committee Basics, Our Logo : Representing Rotary, Promoting Your Club as People of Action, The Rotary Brand)