The Rotary Foundation - Ways to Give
Gone are the days when sending your cash or cheque to The Rotary Foundation was the only way to make a contribution. There are now so many ways to make contributions we thought a few words on the processes involved might be helpful.
Ways for Australians to Give to The Rotary Foundation
By Cheque/Credit Card.  Post your cheque/credit card details together with the Contribution Form or simply attach a covering letter and send it to our P.O. BOX 1415 PARRAMATTA, NSW 2124 AUSTRALIA.
*DO NOT provide your credit card details via email for security purposes. 
Only bank deposits/transfers notification should be sent via email.
By  MyRotary Website.  Click on GIVE on the upper right hand corner of the homepage. Please note that it only accepts credit cards and you should always choose AUD to obtain tax deductibility. Donations to the Endowment Fund are NOT tax deductible.
By Electronic Funds Transfer.  Please put in the description box the name and number of the club/member. Omit the club/member number if unsure and omit the word “Rotary Club of” because we can only see limited characters. 
*It is important that you email your instructions or the Contribution Form to as soon as you make the transfer so that we can easily identify your donation.
By Bank Deposit.  You can directly deposit your cheque or cash to any branch of St George Bank using our bank details above. As with bank transfers, please email a copy of the bank deposit and contribution form or instructions to
By Phone.  You can provide your credit card details by ringing us on 02-8894-9800 and we will process the donation for you.
All of our systems are designed to make the task of contributing trouble-free for you. Choose the method that suits you best but help us get it right by following the laid down process of the method you select.
Thank you for supporting The Rotary Foundation.