The Rotary Youth Exchange Program is badly affected by the worldwide pandemic.
Many countries are under strict conditions and international flights are limited.
When the situation improves, Rotary Youth Exchange will continue.
ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE opportunity of a lifetime follow a dream
The Rotary Youth Exchange Program enables youth aged 15-18 years to study for up to 12 months in an overseas country.
The video below is from Rotary District 6690 USA, but illustrates aspects of the Rotary Youth Exchange Program.
We have 5 rebounders on our YEP9640 committee?
And you can tell from the colour of our blazers that it’s been quite a few years since some of us went on exchange! πŸ’™πŸ’š#blueblazersforever
All 5 of us are now Rotarians in Rotary District 9640 evidence of how the seeds planted many years ago by rotary clubs investing in youth can have a long term benefit for Rotary International.
Left to right we have:
Guy Murphy, outbounder to Canada 2000, member of Gold Coast Passport Rotary Club 🍁
Kathryn Koch, outbounder to South Africa 1994, member of Rotary Burleigh Heads πŸ¦’πŸ¦“
Zoe Ross, outbounder to Japan 1997, charter president of Rotary Club of Coomera River 🍣
Mindi Devine, outbounder to Canada 2008, member of Rotary Club of Warwick Sunrise 🌲
John Campbell, outbounder to Denmark 1992, member of Rotary Burleigh Heads ... and a 26 x host parent!!!
If there are other former exchange students out there who would like to get involved in YEP or Rotary again, we’d love you hear from you! Send us a DM and make sure you’re connected to us at ROTEX/Rebounders 9640.
 ....even if you weren't sponsored by 9640 but now reside on our district (like Kath!)
Summary of Rotary Youth Exchange arrangements
The student's natural parents or guardian provide for all of the following costs: an administration fee; return airfare, as arranged by Rotary; personal insurance, as defined by Rotary International; internal travel in overseas country including Rotary organized tour; day to day living expenses of the student, postage, phone calls, personal items, clothing, footwear etc., and a small emergency fund (redeemable at conclusion of exchange, if unused)
Rotary provides: Rotary approved host-families who provide a family environment for the student; schooling and the payment of normal school fees and expenses; a monthly allowance of approximately $100 to the student; a student counselor, both here and in the host country; and back up support and counseling for the family of the student.
For more information contact D9640 YEP CHAIR: David Kenny  
For more details click the Rotary Youth Exchange Australia logo.
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