Q. Do I have to login to use the District website?
A. No, anyone on the planet can view this site, and hopefully will. However, to change any information or to view private items such as telephone numbers and email addresses of district officers, you do need to login first - this is a security measure we take on your behalf.

Q. How do I login?
A. Easy! If you have already obtained your login name and password, simply click the LOGIN button on the home page. If you have never logged in before, click here

Q. My name is misspelled, how can I correct it?
A. If your name is misspelled on this site, simply login to the website and change any information on your own profile/record. Note, these corrections do not automatically go to RI. To correct errors in the RI records, talk to your club secretary.

Q. After logging in, I can't access some of the menu items, why not?
A. Some of the items on the menu require a higher level of security for access. Security level is assigned based upon your function in Rotary. Club officers, for example, can submit attendance information and access the record of any member of their own club. Want more access? Volunteer to be a club or district officer!

Q. I am a club secretary, how do I report monthly attendance?
A. Login. Click on Member Area, this opens the District Launchpad, click on MY CLUBS INFO (for Club Executives only) on top blue menu click on Attendance then Monthly Club Attendance and enter the required fields click SAVE. Alternatively click on the ADMINISTRATION link (top blue menu). Under the FOR CLUB EXECUTIVES section, select "Club Attendance Report". Fill in the fields on the screen and click SAVE


Q. I have a district level function, why is my name not in the online district directory?
A. We may not have finished listing everything yet.

If you cannot find the answer here please contact the technical advisor assigned to your group click here.....