Successful applicants at the District 9640 NYSF selection day.


The NYSF Year 12 Program is designed to give students a broader understanding of the diverse study and career options available in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and to encourage them to continue their studies in these fields.  At the NYSF Year 12 Program run in January each year, participants will:

  • visit science and technology related laboratories and facilities,
  • go on site tours,
  • listen to lectures,
  • take part in workshops,
  • go to social events, and
  • participate in group activities that improve communication and presentation skills.
NYSF is a program dedicated to exposing outstanding year 11 students who are thinking about a career in science and engineering and related disciplines to major scientific institutions and researchers, so that they may make more informed choices for their future.
They are also given training in time management, interview skills and public speaking.
The Forum is fully residential and takes place during January in Canberra and Brisbane. All activities are fully supervised by student staff and resident Rotary counselors.  
Application Process
Initial applications are by completing the form on the NYSF Website, use the link 
Payment of an application fee is required. This Application Fee is not refundable, even if you are not successful in being selected to attend NYSF.
Contact must then be made with a Rotary Club in District 9640 to complete the process.
A scholarship may be offered by a Rotary club, which will assist with a portion of the cost of attending NYSF, but the student or family will be responsible for at least a portion of the full amount. If a scholarship is offered, a Financial Agreement will be required to be completed prior to payment of the Scholarship.
Download NYSF Financial Agreement
Selection is extremely competitive at the District Selection Day, all applicants are interviewed in May each year, initially by Rotary Clubs.
If accepted by a Rotary Club to continue, the applicant will be advised when District Selection Day will be held.
You can download, save or print a Guide to Filling Out the Application Form -
District Selection Day
The District Selection for NYSF2021 will be advised to all applicants after applications are approved.
Applicants must attend NYSF District Selection where they are interviewed, present a speech on a subject of their own choice, and are assessed by NYSF Alumni students.Please be aware that not all applicants are accepted for NYSF.
Each Rotary District in Australia is allocated a number of places which are usually less than the number of appplicants.
Successful applicants are advised at the end of the District Selection of further details.
Applicants who are not accepted for NYSF are given information regarding all other Rotary Youth programs available.

For more information contact the National Youth Science Forum chair
Andrew Naylor
More information is available from the NYSF website -
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