RYTS | Leadership & Development Program



When | 15-20 December 2024
Where | Bornhoffen PCYC, 3510 Nerang-Murwillumbah Rd, Natural Bridge  QLD  4211
Who | Year 11-12 Students in 2024 or 2025 or Age 17-18
Cost | TBC


"I honestly feel like this week changed my life, the way you learn about yourself and the beautiful people around you, and the deep special connections you make are amazing beyond words.  On top of that it's literally so incredibly fun!  So incredibly grateful to have this experience as part of my life and the way I look at life now, I couldn't recommend it enough."  - Jess (RYTS 2019)


RYTS is a leadership & development program with a focus on assisting the transition from one area of study into the next phase of life.  The program is delivered at a 6 day residential camp for students who are in the senior years of school (Year 11-12) or who are aged between 17-18 if not within a school system.

Participants will hear from inspiring guest speakers and participate in activities that will challenge them on many different levels.  Our program covers personal growth, teamwork, self awareness and practical skills for life after school.  Participants will also develop lifelong friendships and connections that will help them later in life.  A key element of RYTS is that the full details of the program are not shared pre-camp.  This allows participants to head to camp with an open mind and increases the value of the activities that are undertaken.

Read below for more information on the program and how to secure your spot at the next camp.  You can also email us or follow our Facebook page.


The application process for the December 2024 camp will open in the second half of the year and the information below outlines the general process that will apply.
However, you can EXPRESS INTEREST now.
Step 1 - Financial Sponsorship
On the application form you have the option of selecting the Financial Sponsorship arrangement that applies to you.  Please make sure you have any information required before completing your application.  The options are -
  1. If you have agreed with your local Rotary or Rotaract Club (a list of clubs and contacts can be found here) to sponsor your application then please make sure you have their details, including a contact person at the club and their email and phone number (if you have it)
  2. If you do not have a sponsoring Rotary or Rotaract club and would like assistance, you can indicate that on your application and we will try to match you to a club.
  3. Finally, self funding is also an option - please make sure to have the details of the person (at least a name and email address) to whom any invoice should be sent.
Step 2 - Complete Application Form (opening second half of 2024)
Complete and submit the application form (collects contact and other details of you, your parents / guardians, sponsorship details, details of any medical conditions and dietary requirements, and an insurance declaration).  Please have Medicare and Private Health Insurance details handy before completing the form. 
Step 3 - Parent / Guardian Approval & Sponsor Approval
Once your application form is submitted, an email approval will be automatically generated for your parent / guardian. 
Your parent / guardian must click APPROVE on the bottom of the email sent to them.   The approval request will come from Form Approvals with a subject line of Request #XX for your review.  Please check  junk / spam folders if this is not received
Finally, the RYTS team will then contact your sponsor to confirm their approval and arrange payment of the application fee.


What can I expect?
Fun, friendship, challenges and a bit of the unknown.  Hopefully, you will walk away with new skills and perspectives that you can use to help you in the future.
Why should I go?
A common comment at the end of every RYTS is "that was the best week of my life!".  The skills and lessons learnt, the people met, the atmosphere and the fun all contribute to make this a great stepping stone to living the best version of your life.
What is Rotary and who runs the camp?
RYTS is run by Rotary, is one of the worlds largest service organisations.  Our mission is to provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through our fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders.  We are a non-religious, non-political, organisation.  You can find our more about Rotary here.
Rotary values diversity and celebrates the contributions of people of all backgrounds, regardless of their age, ethnicity, race, color, abilities, religion, socioeconomic status, culture, sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity. 
Rotary members from our District, along with alumni from past RYTS camps and other youth programs, volunteer their time to run RYTS each year.  RYTS is not run for profit but is part of Rotary's commitment to developing future leaders and equipping youth to face the challenges that life provides.
Who can go?
RYTS is designed for Year 11-12 students (including those who are about to start Year 11 or have just graduated Year 12) or 17-18 years olds not in the school system.  Rotary Clubs may be able to offer financial sponsorship, reducing any barriers on attendance.  If cost is an issue, please feel free to email us to discuss the options available
How is payment made?
Sponsoring Rotary Clubs are invoiced the cost of the camp.  As noted above in the application process details, any co-contribution payable (if applicable) should be negotiated with that club upfront.
Please note that refunds are not available within 2 weeks of the camp start date, unless exceptional circumstances apply.  As a result, if you do not attend without at least 2 weeks prior notice, then the sponsoring club may require you to offset the cost incurred.
What should I bring with me to camp?
All confirmed attendees will be emailed a packing list prior to camp.
What are the start & finish times?
All confirmed attendees will be emailed drop off and pickup information prior to camp.  Generally we start around mid-morning (QLD time) on the first day and finish late-morning (QLD time) on the final day.
What protection policies are in place?
All volunteers involved in running the camp must hold both a valid NSW Working with Children Check and QLD Blue Card. There are minimum of two trained First Aid officers on every camp.  In addition most volunteers will have undertaken Mental Health awareness training.  Rotary also operates under strict Youth Protection Guidelines. 
Any further questions?
Feel free to email us at ryts@rotary9640.org.or call the District Program Chair, Mindi Devine, on 0447 614 975.